Tuesday, 15 March 2011

heyya !! im new here..

'new' la sgt kn? hahah..okey2..actualy aku dh lama dh create blog ni,cuma seriously aku takde mase nk post2..so sekarang,aku dh ade mase..haha..boleh lah nk post2..auwww...okey2..as you know,my name is ASYA MAJID ..ni nama kad pengenalan tau! hahah..im a sensitive person,creative <sometimes>,annoying <sometimes>,kind heart,sporting,honest,faithful and work hard
What i love: animal <very much>,family <extremely much>,friends,making a video,singing,dancing,hang out,traveling,studying,reading,make up <very much>,dress up,surfing internet,eating,swimming and what i love most is MAKING PEOPLE AROUND ME HAPPY...
and peeps,follow me and im really appreciate it..thanks yaww!! peace!

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